FAI Fix for Athletes – Thrive


And we really mean that!​

If you're looking for more aggressive tissue work, for guidance on how to squat, lunge, deadlift and train for sports without making hip issues worse, t​​​​​hen you want this program.

If you have not done the FAI Fix Basic program diligently for at least two months, you should not start this program. You must start with the FAI Fix Basic program before doing anything in this program!

You cannot purchase access to this program unless you are already an FAI Fix Basic member!

Ready for advanced exercises and guidance in the weight room?

This is a program designed for athletes who train at higher volumes and intensities than the average person. If you’re a:

  • collegiate or pro athlete
  • powerlifter, weightlifter or crossfitter
  • lacrosse player
  • cyclist
  • hockey player
  • soccer player
  • martial artist
  • golfer
  • recreational athlete who pushes his/her body to do long distances, high reps or heavy weights

The FAI Fix for Athletes will show you how to help your body heal and stay game ready despite your demanding training schedule.




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We'll teach you how to recover.


Recovery means resetting your body to a healthy state.

To a lot of people it just means “rest.” But sitting back to relax is not recovery. Hanging out in your friend’s backyard or watching TV while having a protein shake is not recovery. You spend hours at the gym and at practice, and that takes a toll on whether your muscles are ready for action.

Real recovery is about teaching your body how to relax and repair so that you are prepared to move with good form in your next workout, event, or game. That means you need more aggressive tactics to get your body to feel good and ready for your next time out on the pitch, field, platform, or rink.

From doing the FAI Fix Basic, you know what a difference some tissue work and stretching can make. But once your training volume goes up, you need to adjust the intensity of tissue work and stretching to counteract the effects of more intense training.

The FAI Fix for Athletes is going to show you how to achieve real recovery with methods designed for athletes.

We'll show you how to train and compete. 

The FAI Fix for Athletes is for people who:

  • Want guidance about what to do (and especially not what to do) in the weight room to  continuously progress
  • Need more aggressive tissue work to bounce back from workouts and practice 
  • Need deeper and more advanced stretches to undo the tightness from a tough schedule   

The FAI Fix for Athletes addresses these key questions:

  • How do you maintain or increase lower body strength despite your hip issues?
  • What exercises are safe to do in the gym?
  • Is it safe to squat with FAI?
  • How do you progress safely through weight lifting exercises?

You'll get all the tips and tricks we have for athletes. 

The FAI Fix for Athletes includes:

  • Access to a 58 video exercise library so you have clear  instructions on how to progress  
  • The Programming Recommendations PDF for clear guidance about progressive  programming for strength training so you can build your body in the gym without comprimising your hips
  • New, more advanced exercises and stretches 
  • New, more targeted and aggressive tissue work  
  • Modifications and refinements of some of the classic exercises from the FAI Fix program geared toward the unique needs of athletes
  • The opportunity to take your hips to levels of mobility you probably never dreamed of! 🙂    

We'll show you how to be an athlete for life.

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