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Do labral tears matter?

This is a quick summary of hip labral tear facts. For an in-depth look at hip labral tear research, check out this article. Many times┬ápeople who have been told they have FAI have been told that their labrums are “shredded up” or “badly damaged” or something similarly scary sounding. When you read articles on the […]

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FAI does not lead to severe arthritis

The current theory of FAI and pain is that the malformed bones lead to degenerative changes in the hip joint which results in pain and discomfort.   There are some major problems with this theory. First, FAI has not been shown to lead to arthritis. Second, arthritis in an X-ray or MRI has not been shown to be […]

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Bones don’t cause FAI pain

When you’ve been told you have femoroacetabular impingement, the theory is that the shapes of your bones is causing you hip pain and range of motion issues.  Doctors often make this claim, although there is a large body of strong evidence that the bone shapes do not have any causal relationship to hip pain or range […]

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Will cam impingement lead to arthritic degeneration?

One of the most common concerns I’ve heard from people who have been given the FAI diagnosis is that their cam impingement (or pistol grip deformity) means they are doomed to arthritic degeneration and then, eventually, a more serious hip surgery. The basic theory is that the misshapen femoral head causes extra wear and tear. […]

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Is surgery a guarantee of improvement for FAI?

If you’re considering surgery for FAI, you’ve probably heard some very optimistic numbers around success rates for arthroscopic hip surgery. Physicians can sometimes convey the idea (intentionally or unintentionally) that the surgery is a surefire way to fix your hip pain. If you’re seriously considering the surgery, it’ll be helpful to take a look at the […]

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