Things You Need

These are all cost-effective tools that you’ll use to perform the tissue work, stretches, and exercises that are part of your self-training and self-healing program. These links are here for convenience. You will need some things, but it's unlikely you will NEED everything.

We suggest you start with the cheap, easily accessible things highlighted below when you start the program. 

All links are to Amazon where possible for convenience. We encourage you to buy from local stores if it suits you. Amazon will also split a small percentage of each purchase with us, and we use that money towards researching FAI. The price you pay is not affected. 


Lacrosse Ball

Foam roller

Yoga tune up balls (a bit softer than lacrosse balls)

yoga balls for hip massage

Jack Knobber (for more specific tissue work)

Body back buddy (for hard to reach spots)

Trigger Point Massage Package


Balance pads (suggested as padding for your knees while stretching)

Mini bands for glute training

Resistance bands for hip and shoulder training

Adjustable Dumbbells (good as a starter set)

Squat sponge for barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts