Andrew M.

In the beginning of 2016, I began to get really bad pain in my right hip. I am a collegiate baseball player and at the time, I had never played with or felt hip pain in my career as a baseball player. As my season went on that year, it began to get worse and worse and conservative treatment was not helping too much. I was icing, heating, getting treatment done, but it was so painful and never seemed to get better. It bothered me playing, running, even sleeping.

After a game, I would be tremendously sore and it would be hard to walk at times.  Before my season ended, I went to a hip specialist and had an MRI performed. The results came back that I had FAI with a large cam lesion along with the labral tear.

At that point in time, it was April of 2016 and I decided to finish my season then get the surgery in the summer. After the surgery, I did physical therapy for 8 weeks at home, then would continue to do treatment with my athletic trainer in the fall of 2016. The surgery definitely made a lot of the sharp pains go away, but I would still have achy pain that was nagging.

When I returned to full activity and participation in games, I had lost a lot of my speed and my surrounding muscles were super tight.

In March of 2017, I found the FAI Fix and it intrigued me. I got my coaching and training staff on board and I began the program thanks to my strength trainer. I had no hesitations as I wanted to try anything that could potentially benefit my hips.

I currently also have a labral tear in my left hip (diagnosed after my surgery), as I have not had surgery on that one thanks to the FAI Fix.

It has been almost 5 months since starting this program and I have had great results up to this point. My range of motion has improved, my muscles aren’t as tight, and most of all my pain levels are down dramatically!

I am still currently in the basic program and plan on moving up to the FAI Fix for Athletes soon. I couldn’t be more grateful for what Shane and Matt have created and my hips are on track to feel great again!

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