Bill V.

bill V 1Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just started using your basic program (Track 1) and was blown away to realize immediate improvement.

A Little Back Story…

I first started noticing pain in my left hip probably almost two years ago.  Actually started as groin pain and I went to the doctor to get that check out, but other than confirming I didn’t have a hernia, no real diagnosis.  At the time I had recently completed a trail marathon and was still doing a fair amount of cross training with an eye towards doing a long course triathlon.  I signed up for the Louisville Ironman in the Fall of 2015, continued cross training through the winter, then started a formal ironman training program in the Spring of 2016.  Throughout the training, my hip bothered me, but as long as I trained at an easy pace running, and adjusted my saddle up and forward on the bike I was able to keep pain while exercising minimal.  After long runs, I’d have a deep ache in the hip at night, but the condition didn’t necessarily seem to be getting any worse.  I tried stretching (only seemed to aggravate it more), some pain meds (mainly ibuprofen after long runs), ice and ointments like Ben Gay.  Nothing really seemed to help much.  Worst pain of day was ironically putting my socks and shoes on.

After completing the Ironman, I ramped my training way down and largely stopped running.  Hip didn’t seem to improve much if at all.  Finally had x-rays taken and went to an orthopedic practice in January.  Was informed by the doctor (then got a second opinion from another with same diagnosis) that I had osteoarthritis in my left hip joint and that I should stop all high impact activities (running).  Okay to swim and cycle moderately.

After almost two months of completely ceasing running, the hip didn’t seem to be doing any better (putting on socks and shoes was just as painful).  I stumbled on your website after attempting to surf a couple weeks ago, but largely having to throw in the towel because it was just too painful to try to quickly go from prone to standing on the board.

Results With The FAI Fix

Although I was pretty skeptical due to my previous experience with stretching and long past experimenting with foam rolling (wasn’t doing it for hip pain at the time, just didn’t notice any benefit from it), I followed the troubleshooting guide and determined that I’m definitely the Course 1 (poor flexibility).  Had to work a little to find exercises and stretches that didn’t hurt too much, but was able to and started a basic tissue work, stretching and muscle activation program last week that takes me a little over an hour each morning.

After the first workout, I noticed that putting my sock and shoe on after a swim that afternoon didn’t really hurt (previous week it had been very painful).  Thought it might be coincidence, but for the next few days, the lack of pain continued.  I’m still very early in program (completed seventh workout this AM), but I’m definitely noticing that my flexibility with my hip seems to be continuing to incrementally improve.  I was able to cross my left leg over my right while sitting the other day – which sounds silly, but that’s literally the first time I’d been able to do that for a long time.

Thanks for your program!  I’m very hopeful that continued effort and experimentation will eventually get me back to full range of motion with the ability to continue in endurance sports for years to come,  but if I never progress beyond where I am right now, the improvement and pain relief I’ve already experienced will have been worth the cost of the program.

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