Bryce B.

I started having a “nagging” hip issue over three years ago. Soon, I spent all my time thinking, How far do I have to walk? How long do I have to stand? It was maddening. I’m 45 years old. I used to run, swim, bike, lift, and golf. Now, all I could think was, How far/long…?

One day, I was walking through the grocery store with my wife, using the cart as a crutch. Then, my hip just gave out and I almost ended up on the floor.

I finally went to the surgeon. After all the tests, I was diagnosed with FAI, a labral tear, and arthritis. The surgeon said, “You can keep trying all the stuff you’ve done up to this point, but you’ll be back here sooner or later for surgery.”

Up to that point, I had tried massages, A.R.T., going to a chiropractor, ice, heat, more exercise, and less exercise. But I still couldn’t find the silver bullet.

I finally decided on the surgery because I didn’t see any other option. At that point, I had never heard of the FAI Fix.

Sixteen weeks post-surgery, I was doing better but still experiencing significant pain. All I could think was, “Is this the best it’s going to be? Because it ain’t great.”

I was literally on the brink of calling my surgeon and asking about doing a full hip replacement. At that point, I thought, “Why not?”

Then, I found the FAI Fix. I felt I had absolutely nothing to lose by purchasing the program and giving it a try. Within two days of starting the program, I noticed results. After six weeks, I saw tremendous improvements.

The improvements haven’t always followed a straight line. Over the last six weeks, I’ve had ‘good days’ and ‘OK days.’ But I’ve had no bad days at all.

My progress seems to take a leap forward, then gently improve, and then take another leap forward. The FAI Fix will be a long-term part of my recovery process, and it will be a long-term part of my overall healthy lifestyle.

You may be wondering, “Is it worth it?” I cannot answer that question for anyone else, but for me it’s absolutely worth the investment.

A small investment to have a chance at improving my daily life…that was a no brainer.

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