Janet M.

Hi there!! My name is J. I’m 33 and an avid Mountain Biker.

I have always been a very active person. Almost 3 years ago I started experiencing this dull, stiff pain in my right hip. It started to interfere with my everyday life. Sleeping became difficult. Driving my car just pushing the accelerator didn’t feel natural anymore. My hip pain was all I could think about. It was taking over my life.

Finally I went to the Doctor to see what was going on. They suspected FAI hip impingement with labral Tear. They made an appointment for an MRI which confirmed both FAI and Labral tear. He told me I could try physical therapy, but that surgery was probably the only option. What???? Surgery is terrifying. Not to mention recovery time is minimum 6 months at least 2-3 months non weight bearing. I work in a garden center so that wouldn’t really allow me to be off my feet long at all.

I started doing research on my injury, YouTubing video after video about the surgery and honestly it sounded like it was going to do more harm than good. One day I ran across a YouTube video of Shane. Someone who had the same hip issues as me and didn’t have surgery. I began watching your videos on tissue work and stretching. I immediately felt relief.

I have been doing some kind of stretching or tissue work everyday for the last year and I have seen a major break through with the FAI Fix program and now the other Got ROM programs. I’m so grateful that you are sharing these techniques.

I can now use these tools to fix my body!! I have never had this much mobility in my life. I tell everyone about you. Seriously, Shane you rock!

Thank you for showing me how to free my hips! 

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