Jen L.

My problems with hip pain started 6 years ago after the birth of my 3rd child. Even walking and going up stairs was painful.

I saw a physical therapist who told me I had anterior pelvic tilt caused by a weak core from pregnancy. I worked with him on loosening my quads with basic stretching and massage and strengthening my core, and my hip pain went away. Now and then over the years the pain came back, but I could always handle it with taking a short break from working out and doing the exercises the physical therapist gave me.

About 6 months ago that stopped working. The hip pain was worse than it had ever been (walking, stairs, getting into my car, sleeping, even swimming) and my lower back was hurting too. I noticed that my clothes were getting all twisted on me and I could even see that my pelvis was twisted.

I tried a physical therapist again, and he did a lot of stretching with me that improved the twisted pelvis, but my hips were hurting more than ever. He referred me to an orthopedic surgeon where I was diagnosed with cam impingement, torn labrum, a large cyst, and thinning cartilage. The surgeon said I should try more physical therapy and if that didn’t work I could have surgery to fix my hip. I was unconvinced about the PT being effective since I was there because it had been making things worse. I was also very hesitant to go the surgery route. I didn’t understand why physical therapy had worked years ago for me when I had shoulder impingement related to competitive swimming, but it wasn’t working for hip impingement related to a very basic active lifestyle.

In my search for answers I found the FAI Fix online. The research really resonated with me. The muscle theory behind FAI made so much more sense than bone shapes and cartilage. (And I think I watched the video explaining why the “bad news” from my MRI wasn’t so bad after all at least 5 times, so thanks for that!) I was also blown away by all the testimonials from other people this program was working for.

I noticed immediate improvement after my very first workout, and I’ve been gradually improving since. The tissue work and reactivation have been really important for me, and every single time I’ve noticed something that feels wrong in my hip the Troubleshooting Guide has had the answer.

Before I started the FAI Fix I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to stay active with my kids and for a healthy lifestyle. Now I feel confident that not only am I fixing my hip problems, but I’m learning how to listen to and take better care of my body.

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