Paulina T.

I’ve been having hip problems for years – snapping started with kung fu (when I was 19), hip flexors and abductors pain developed gradually while taking ballet classes for 10 years (started ballet when I was 23), plus adductor injury. It got even worse practicing yoga for the last two years (I’m now 35). Symptoms included pain while simply lifting my leg, while getting out of a car, sometimes even just walking, and occasionally dull pain at night lying in my bed. And, of course, that weird sensation of pinching when bringing my knee to my chest (or the child pose in yoga). I also tried to rest, not to do any exercises for a week or even a month, but the symptoms would only intensify.

I went to the specialist: x-rays didn’t show any bone abnormalities, but I was positive on FADIR and FABER tests (both hips), and had very clear clicking in my right hip, which was all indicative of torn labrum. He sent me to do an MRI, and advised me to avoid painful physical activities and leg positions which caused pain and clicking, and use painkillers if necessary.

But there was a long waiting list for the MRI scanning – about 4 months. It was too long for me. So I did exactly the opposite of what I was advised. I started searching the internet, found the Upright Health videos on FAI and the blog which gave me hope, and started exercising almost every day, in spite of the pain and clicking. It was 5 months ago.

Fast forward – I still feel pinching in full flexion, but it is only 20 percent of the old intensity – I can comfortably go into a full squat (I’ve always had enough flexibility, but the stabbing pain would stop me). FABER test (flection, abduction, external rotation – basically the tree pose in yoga) is completely negative in both hips!!! Only 5 months ago I felt sharp pain in my left hip, like stabbing with a knife, and my right hip was less painful, but it would click at the end of abduction, multiple times, like the head of the femur is going over the train tracks.

And that MRI scanning? I never did it. I was afraid of a possible scenario that the MRI would show a torn labrum, and even though it would not necessarily mean it is pain related, it would still make me kind of desperate again. And I always try do things that keep my spirits up!

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