Rafael M.

In 2016, I was having lower right back pain. After numerous visits to the back doctor, we discovered that it was not my back but my hips.

In 2017, I went to see a renowned hip specialist in NY and he informed me that I had labrum tears in both hips. He was honest and said there was an 80 percent chance arthroscopic surgery would fix my lower back issue. I said no, let’s do PT and etc.

After several months, there were no big improvements. So I said, ok let’s do the effin surgery, I mean Arod (Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees) had the same thing – WHY NOT??

In November 2017, two weeks before the surgery, I was diagnosed with heart disease and eventually had to have a bypass. Yup, never mind about the hip! I had to attend to the heart. It was awful, but it saved my life and I feel like a teenager again. I will spare you the details…

Anyways, back to the hips. I was skeptical and distrustful of the program you offered, but I said, what the hell.

Six months later, I thank baby Jesus I tried the FAI Fix.

“Ass cheek activation, what is that?” I thought, but it worked.

Bridges, worked. Core, worked. Weird stretching, worked. Tissue work (with my thumbs), worked. Romanian deadlifts?? Worked.

I’m transformed! I still have some discomfort, but I’m only six months in and know for a fact I don’t need surgery!

Matt said “pain sucks. life shouldn’t.” Well, he’s right. I don’t care that you guys are making a killing at this, it saved me and I’m grateful. Thanks again.

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