Shari B.

I’m not sure where to begin this message other than saying thank you so, so much. It’s been a while since we last spoke but since our last visit and after buying the FAI Fix in December, my hip and glute pain has been tremendously better. The success came gradually, which is why I haven’t emailed you until now. For some reason I was waiting for this dramatic moment where I would suddenly be back to normal in the span of a few days. But it never happened. Instead, just a few things at a time starting getting better. The changes were so gradual I didn’t even realize how much I had improved until I caught myself mid-way through my yoga class going through all of the movements…completely pain-free (something that had never happened in the past. Yoga always caused me pain). I started tearing up at that moment during the class.

I still have days where my hip flexor pinches and when my glutes start firing painfully but it really only happens when I fail to stretch/foam roll after workouts or neglect my FAI fix routine. I still can’t do many exercises I’d like to do and I’m still a long way to go in regards to my flexibility goals, but one day I know it will be possible if I just keep working at it.

So I just want to say thank you so much to and your team for eliminating the doubts that were in my head – thinking that the only way I would get better is with surgery, and that I’d never be able to run again or do intense exercises with my hip condition. Your one-on-sessions and your program made me realize that it is possible, and for that I’m forever grateful.

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