Supriya Friend

supriyaI have been doing the FAI Fix for about 6 weeks. I have seen tremendous improvement. My hip pain is next to nothing!

In this photo I am gardening. Gardening was a big motivator for me to get beyond FAI — which I feel I have! I have gone beyond thanks to what your program shared (through strengthening and tissue work mostly). The best thing seems to be that I don’t feel powerless or afraid with pain anymore. Before I felt that all I could do is pop a pain pill and numb out for relief. The doctor said surgery was my only option.

I am so grateful to both of you – for your perseverance in your own healing and then service in sharing what you’ve learned. I really had no hope before I found the FAI Fix…

I appreciate you both answering my questions and concerns. I feel totally supported in this process, and unafraid of the different experiences my body has in this healing, reactivating process. This is new for me and it is wonderful to be so in touch with my body.

All the best to all of you at FAI Fix. You really were the only light for me on a dark path in my life. And now that path has opened up to a whole new world of self-discovery and freedom!

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