Zach L.

In working to recover from a broken femur after a nasty snowboard accident, I have first hand experience in dealing with the limiting mentality that I would have to accept living in chronic pain and that “I was broken”. Over the course of six years I started a journey of working with numerous orthopedic doctors, acupuncturist’s, massage therapists and physical therapists. I was often side tracked in thinking that I could find a quick fix or that someone could take away the pain with one doctor’s appointment or treatment.

In my worst moments of pain I considered arthroscopic hip surgery and became frustrated with misguided exercises/physical therapy that aggravated my condition. However I had a strong intuitive feeling that there was some muscle weakness or biomechanical problem that was creating the ongoing pain. I began to take ownership that I could work to find the root cause of my pain and reject the idea that there was a quick fix to healing myself.

During this time I started to research my diagnosis of FAI and work to break through the self limiting story that only surgery could relieve the pain. I had the fortunate opportunity to find Matt Hsu’s videos on youtube that discussed hip pain and FAI. Matt’s videos helped me to further understand why I had such dysfunctional movement patterns and opened a new door of self awareness…I have experienced a huge improvement in functional strength and pain free movement. Matt’s dedication to understanding the root causes of chronic pain and taking a holistic approach to sharing his knowledge has helped me avoid an unnecessary surgery and greatly improve my quality of life.

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