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Maks R.

MaksI met Matt over a year ago.  As the typical FAI-Hip Impingement story goes, I was diagnosed via MRI, and like everyone else reading this, I was contemplating surgery to shave off a part of my femur. Upright Health was the first source of information that would potentially change the way I viewed not only my hip pain, but my body’s health in general.

I had Skype sessions with Matt a few times and he sent me some great workouts to follow. However, since I am nearly 3,000 miles away from the Upright Health office, I had to put it on myself to re-teach myself proper body mechanics.

As Matt says, “This diagnosis is not a bone problem, it’s a movement problem.”  In fact, it’s much more than that even. Hip pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong but it does not mean that there is something terribly wrong at the location of the pain. This is what orthopedists will have you think, but performing surgery on this part of your body is just putting a Band-Aid on the real issue.  Everyone’s body is different and therefore every body will have a different solution.

A year down the line, my hip feels much better.  As you can see, I even dunked at the park the other day! However, the journey is not an easy one. My hip will still be stiff or painful from time to time but I now understand how my body works and I can foresee when the stiffness or pain will show its ugly head. My goal is to eventually be 100% pain free and I believe I will get there. For now, I use the discomfort and pain as a diagnostic tool for improvement. The worst thing you can do is get discouraged (which I’ve done plenty of times) – sometimes you have to take few steps back to go forward. The best advice I can give is to continue to learn and improve your body. Don’t dwell on the setbacks and instead, celebrate the improvements.

Matt and his team pointed me in the right direction and helped me avoid one of the worst decisions of my life – surgery.  I owe them my…HIP! That being said, use them as the amazing tool they are but don’t forget that the only way to get better is to educate yourself and get off your butt!

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Fredrik S.

Hey man. I just saw your new videos on YouTube about shoulder impingement and the testimonial video. I hope you know how important you are for me and so many others. There is no one out there that actually cares as much as you do in this topic. I literally check YouTube everyday for new videos from you and Matt. You bring hope to my case and motivates me to reach a fully functional and healthy body again. Thank you so much for everything you have done and also for new things to come.

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Kimiora W.

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your videos and booklets. I’ve been doing the Healthy Hips I stretches and exercises the last two days and I already feel so much better. After 5 years of trying with PT and Rolfing and Pilates and yoga, this is amazing…

You know how you don’t know something is hurting until it stops? I’m feeling THAT kind of better.

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Josh A.

When I first began working with Shane, my hip range of motion and mobility were a major hindrance to my performance in Crossfit, but now my range of motion and mobility have greatly improved thanks to Shane’s expertise.
He is not only very skilled and knowledgeable he is also a great guy. He is always willing to help and answer any questions no matter what time of the day it is. He is definitely a top notch professional!

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Andrew A.

Over the last few months I began to notice trouble in my hips. A dull pain was developing in the crease of my right hip, and my lower back would become very sore and lock up whenever I did high volumes of squats or kettlebell swings. The pain was more severe after long cardio sessions on the bike or rower. Eventually, the pain became so pronounced that I went to see a well-regarded A.R.T. specialist associated with the gym.

He tested me and observed a number of issues. The external rotators in my right hip were significantly weaker, my posture was uneven and I reported pain in the FADIR test. The specialist explained that this is generally consistent with some kind of acetabular dysfunction or mild labral tear. He also warned that such tests can be very inaccurate, and that hip surgery is very traumatic, to be avoided at all costs. He suggested reduced activity and rehab exercises to strengthen the joint capsule, after which we would follow with more observation.

Armed with this knowledge, I began to investigate the issue. I had suffered a labral tear in my shoulder some years ago and was familiar with the sensation. This didn’t fit. I wasn’t really experiencing pain or weakness under load; in fact, I had gotten personal records in three different exercises the week before. If anything, the pain was more pronounced after rest, especially sitting or walking.

I discovered the Upright Health YouTube channel and the playlist about FAI. I compared my symptoms to the suggested tests and everything fit. I was experiencing pain in my lower back, difficultly balancing on one foot, difficultly lying on my side and extreme tightness in my quads and adductors (which felt like wooden dowel rods). I tried a few of the glute activation drills and noticed an immediate improvement. All of this suggested to me that the real source of my issue was not my hip joint, but rather strength and mobility imbalances in the muscles surrounding my hips and thighs.

For the next week I worked on opening up my adductors (which was face-meltingly painful) and doing glute/hamstring activation drills. By my next visit to the A.R.T. specialist I had almost no pain in the FADIR test and significantly improved external rotation.

It’s too early to say that I’m totally healed. But I feel confident now that I have a set of tools for examining the problem and staying ahead of it. I’m deeply grateful for the information you put out there and I’m optimistic it will help me get stronger in the future.

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Nicole H.

I started experiencing hip pinching/pain during squatting. Initially I tried to alleviate the pain by stretching on my own or by avoiding the movement all together. This was never going to be effective in relieving the pain because I didn’t even know what parts of my body to massage/stretch nor did I understand how my improper form was contributing to the problem.

Shane has helped tremendously – first by correcting my form and technique (especially in maintaining neutral spine). This alone had so much to do with the pinching I was experiencing.

In addition, Shane taught me different massage and stretching techniques specifically targeting glutes, quads, hips, and the psoas muscle. I am diligent about following the regimen that Shane showed me, and I am no longer experiencing hip pinching/pain!

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Zach L.

In working to recover from a broken femur after a nasty snowboard accident, I have first hand experience in dealing with the limiting mentality that I would have to accept living in chronic pain and that “I was broken”. Over the course of six years I started a journey of working with numerous orthopedic doctors, acupuncturist’s, massage therapists and physical therapists. I was often side tracked in thinking that I could find a quick fix or that someone could take away the pain with one doctor’s appointment or treatment.

In my worst moments of pain I considered arthroscopic hip surgery and became frustrated with misguided exercises/physical therapy that aggravated my condition. However I had a strong intuitive feeling that there was some muscle weakness or biomechanical problem that was creating the ongoing pain. I began to take ownership that I could work to find the root cause of my pain and reject the idea that there was a quick fix to healing myself.

During this time I started to research my diagnosis of FAI and work to break through the self limiting story that only surgery could relieve the pain. I had the fortunate opportunity to find Matt Hsu’s videos on youtube that discussed hip pain and FAI. Matt’s videos helped me to further understand why I had such dysfunctional movement patterns and opened a new door of self awareness…I have experienced a huge improvement in functional strength and pain free movement. Matt’s dedication to understanding the root causes of chronic pain and taking a holistic approach to sharing his knowledge has helped me avoid an unnecessary surgery and greatly improve my quality of life.

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Kristen F.

kristen-headshot_downsize2At 26 years old, I was a marketing manager at a high tech company in Silicon valley. I had to travel a lot and work long hours at a desk, sometimes sitting/standing anywhere from 9-14 hours in a day (not including commute time!). I had maintained an active lifestyle my whole life until I joined corporate America. Exercise became low priority.

One day I started experiencing really bad low back pain that wouldn’t go away. I got a stand up desk and that made things worse. Then I started having hip pain in both my hips. I saw 9 different back and hip specialists across the country and I was diagnosed with bi-lateral labral tears, impingement, psoas inflammation, and delamination and bursitis in my both hips in addition to a back herniation, arthritis and degeneration in my L5.

I sounded like a 80 yr old war vet, but I was only 26! I couldn’t sit at all without pain nor stand for longer than 5 min. My 64-year-old mother had to help me walk around the block. I had to take a leave of absence from work after 10 months of trying to tough it out. I couldn’t go to movies or even dinner with friends because of the pain. To get anywhere, I had to lie down in the backseat while my mom or someone drove me. I couldn’t even stand long enough to cook or do dishes or lean over the sink to brush my teeth without pain.

Some doctors said I would eventually need a spinal fusion, some wanted to burn the facet nerve off in my spine, other doctors said I would need a double hip surgery for the FAI and labral tears. I tried everything from yoga, to injections, to chiropractic, to acupuncture. I tried months and months of therapy with 8 different physical therapists. 3 out of the 9 back/hip specialists I saw told me not to let anyone cut me open.

They explained how there are numerous studies that have been conducted on people living with labral tears and FAI and experience no pain. I was actually already scheduled for hip surgery until I told the orthopedic surgeon about the second opinion I got; he then changed his mind about doing the surgery. Pretty scary how close I was to getting that surgery!

I realized that surgical procedures and generic physical therapy treatment were not going to solve my problems, so I kept looking. After 2 years of searching for answers, I found Matt Hsu at Upright health through a referral from someone else who had worked with him.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up my search, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting her able to type this. We created a stretching and strength training protocol specific to my individual needs targeting muscles that were too tight or too weak causing hip/back pain. After only the first month of working with Matt, the results were impressive and it confirmed that surgery was NOT the answer to getting out of back and hip pain. The progress I made with Matt was all the proof I needed. I went from 2 years of barely being able to walk, sit or stand, to now waking up every morning pain free. Thanks to Matt’s help, I am happy to report I am hip pain free and able to lift weights, do hill runs, and even sit through a long car ride for a weekend getaway again!

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Evie newI am a practicing physical therapist, and I was diagnosed with FAI in my left hip in 2013. My MRI arthrogram showed a small posterior labral tear, but no arthritis. Two orthopedists told me that I should have surgery because I have retroverted hips with deep sockets and my acetabulum should be shaved down. This made no sense to me whatsoever because my right hip is shaped the exact same way and I have no pain at all on the right!
Since I have not seen good outcomes with this surgery, I have opted to avoid it. I discovered Matt’s videos on Youtube and I was relieved to finally find a voice of reason amidst the hip arthroscopy craze. I followed his recommendations and changed up my exercises and within just one week, I felt less pain than I have felt in two years! I am running better and sleeping better and on a path to better living thanks to Matt.

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Paulina T.

I’ve been having hip problems for years – snapping started with kung fu (when I was 19), hip flexors and abductors pain developed gradually while taking ballet classes for 10 years (started ballet when I was 23), plus adductor injury. It got even worse practicing yoga for the last two years (I’m now 35). Symptoms included pain while simply lifting my leg, while getting out of a car, sometimes even just walking, and occasionally dull pain at night lying in my bed. And, of course, that weird sensation of pinching when bringing my knee to my chest (or the child pose in yoga). I also tried to rest, not to do any exercises for a week or even a month, but the symptoms would only intensify.

I went to the specialist: x-rays didn’t show any bone abnormalities, but I was positive on FADIR and FABER tests (both hips), and had very clear clicking in my right hip, which was all indicative of torn labrum. He sent me to do an MRI, and advised me to avoid painful physical activities and leg positions which caused pain and clicking, and use painkillers if necessary.

But there was a long waiting list for the MRI scanning – about 4 months. It was too long for me. So I did exactly the opposite of what I was advised. I started searching the internet, found the Upright Health videos on FAI and the blog which gave me hope, and started exercising almost every day, in spite of the pain and clicking. It was 5 months ago.

Fast forward – I still feel pinching in full flexion, but it is only 20 percent of the old intensity – I can comfortably go into a full squat (I’ve always had enough flexibility, but the stabbing pain would stop me). FABER test (flection, abduction, external rotation – basically the tree pose in yoga) is completely negative in both hips!!! Only 5 months ago I felt sharp pain in my left hip, like stabbing with a knife, and my right hip was less painful, but it would click at the end of abduction, multiple times, like the head of the femur is going over the train tracks.

And that MRI scanning? I never did it. I was afraid of a possible scenario that the MRI would show a torn labrum, and even though it would not necessarily mean it is pain related, it would still make me kind of desperate again. And I always try do things that keep my spirits up!

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