Christine M.

I was never athletic in my life. I became an avid walker in mid-thirties and changed it to running as I approached my forties. After two years of running I decided to throw in a couple of days of Crossfit workouts each week in addition to the running (3 days/week- normally anywhere from 3-6miles, but also trained for 5 different half marathons during this time also tried to increase Crossfit to 3 days/week at different times).

I had various sections of down time throughout these years with things like plantar fasciitis and a broken toe (that I unwisely ran a half marathon on), thoracic outlet syndrome, groin pain, hip pain until my body had finally had enough. Towards the end of last summer my down times were getting longer than my workout times.

I finally stopped it all in October due to an MRI that confirmed a torn hip labrum and impingement.

Surgery was recommended but because of a family emergency I never set up the appointment. I watched a family member go through a very difficult surgery and was not at all interested in doing this even though I was told it was a “routine, easy procedure” so I began reading and searching…enter Upright Health.

I read enough testimonials on your site to know that I was dealing with something similar to others. I decided to give the FAI fix a try. It took me a bit to figure out which scenario I fit best under due to the pain I was in at the time. But after a week or two of trying the exercises, smashing, and stretching, I found that stretching made everything hurt more. Which confirmed the fact that although I was extremely flexible, I was very weak in my glutes and hips. So I have focused on strengthening and some specific tissue work for about 16 weeks now.

When I started, I was uncomfortable all the time- even through the night. Now I can report that although I experience times of pain that come and go-sometimes depending on what I have been doing (long drives, too much sitting, etc.) and other times for reasons I have yet to determine- I do have long times where I am comfortable!

I just started running/walking about 4 weeks ago. Very slowly building. I have even had a few runs where I didn’t hurt before, during or after!

I would love to be able to return to my friends at the local Crossfit gym in the near future, but I don’t think I am ready for that just yet. I want to be able to do more full body movements like weighted lunges and jump/split lunges before I try to go back.

Thank you for all the time, study and practice you have put into the FAI Fix program! It is a slow process, but it makes complete sense that if I strengthen the weak areas of my body, I will have better movement overall and that is worth the time!


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