I’ve been using the tips and strategies learned from the program and I have been seeing crazy results. Results I never thought I’d see again in my life. I guess that’s just the pessimism in me but I have been more than satisfied thus far.

I didn’t squat for over a year because I couldn’t stand getting underneath the bar due to fear of inevitable pain that would follow. Last week, I stepped underneath the bar completing my daily FAI Fix protocols for the day) and it went great. No pain. Great form. Felt strong. I’ve only been working through the program for a month and this has already happened. No doubt I am glad I made the purchase. Thank you guys. It means a lot to a guy who takes so much pride in being a healthy athlete.

Stedman Smith



Over the past five months, the invoice totals from my physical therapy visits have been shocking. While there is some value in that process, it’s neither as empowering nor as effective as the The FAI Fix has been in just eight weeks.

Jen L. 


Before I started the FAI Fix I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to stay active with my kids and for a healthy lifestyle. Now I feel confident that not only am I fixing my hip problems, but I’m learning how to listen to and take better care of my body.

Richard Legarra


I purchased the program at the end of August 2015 after being diagnosed with FAI. My doctor suggested therapy and after several expensive months of therapy I found no relief. I began searching and found one of Matt’s videos online.



I am a practicing physical therapist, and I was diagnosed with FAI in my left hip in 2013. My MRI arthrogram showed a small posterior labral tear, but no arthritis. Two orthopedists said I needed surgery!

John H. 


Happy new year! I’ve been wanting to send you an e-mail thanking you for all of the work you and Shane put into the FAI Fix program. The program helped me get my life back together.

Skye D


When I found out that I had FAI and was given surgery as my only option to fix my hips, I looked for an alternative. I found the FAI Fix. After following the program for about two to three weeks.

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero


Dear Matt & Shane, I want to sincerely thank you for putting your FAI Fix program together as it has improved the quality of my life drastically.

Mary M. 


I am a distance runner with right FAI cam type. I am 6 weeks into the FAI fix program and have made more progress than the previous 10 months of physical therapy.

Neil M.


just thought I would give some feedback. I have moderate arthritis, FAI, and bursitis and a very tight hip. It’s been very painful. As a police officer wearing weapons, etc.

Yannick Wolf


I am a 19-year-old soccer player who played his whole youth at German first Division Team (Eintracht Frankfurt) and also played for all German Youth National teams. My problems with FAI started

Paul Borda 


At 22 years old, I was diagnosed with FAI in both hips (cam and pincer) as well as having small bilateral labral tears. I was diagnosed in June of 2015

Supriya Friend


I have been doing the FAI Fix for about 6 weeks. I have seen tremendous improvement. My hip pain is next to nothing! In this photo I am gardening. Gardening was a big motivator for me

Lisa Sherman


I can tell you I’m already sitting more comfortably at work and it’s been less than a week! I want to compliment you guys on the way you’ve put everything together. The FAI Fix is just so well-written.

Jeff P 


Before I found the FAI fix, I was facing surgery to shave down my CAM lesions. This seemed to be the last resort after an unsuccessful round of PT and just feeling helpless.



Your program has helped me so much. I believe the vast majority of FAI patients should probably be doing your program instead of the doctor -prescribed treatments for FAI syndrome.



Here is my FAI Fix hip story. I started training in ballet when I was three years old, and I continued on until I was 17 very seriously in pre-professional (and one professional) companies. After that I only took a few classes here or there, but most of my adolescence was spent doing 10-20 hours of ballet per week.



"The FAI Fix is designed to help you focus on strategies that help you retrain muscles for better hip joint function – regardless of what an X-ray or MRI says"

Michael M.


"I enrolled in the FAI Fix program and followed it exactly. A couple of months after I could walk and live with less pain, and few more months of the program I realized how my much my mobility improved!"

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