The FAI Fix is no longer open to new students.

The FAI Fix was a joint effort between Matt Hsu of Upright Health and Shane Dowd of GotROM from 2015 to 2024.  

So we can serve our students more fully,  swiftly, and with integrity to our different visions, we have forked our work into fully independent programs.

Click below to see what we've got to offer your hips. 

Upright Health




When you've been told you have femoroacetabular impingement, the first thing to address are the muscles that cause poor movement and pain in and around the hip joint.

With our programs you'll learn how to gradually and naturally fix yourself. Our approach is based on a combined 25+ years of persona l and professional experience, and the latest medical research on femoroacetabular impingement.



Unfortunately, for many people, surgery for femoroacetabular impingement does not relieve pain as much as expected. Sometimes it makes pain worse.

The FAI Fix helps you retrain the muscles that can cause problems so that you can get relief even if surgery for FAI hasn't helped.


The conventional medical theory is that the bad bone shapes lead to labral tears, arthritis, pain, and immobility.
Surgery is supposed to be the only answer.

Recent research on hip impingement undermines that theory.

We believe dealing with your muscles in a comprehensive, careful, conservative manner makes the most sense.

Even if you have signs of a "really bad" hip, our system helps you use your muscles better so your hips move and feel better.

Cortney Hip Impingement

⭐ Her surgeon recommended the FAI Fix before trying surgery.


"My FAI experience began with lower back pain and weakness, and I was treated for that for six weeks with physical therapy...

That work was invaluable, because I HAD lost a great deal of core strength and stability along the way. After repeated setbacks, my therapist said this was likely rather a hip issue, and I had an X-ray followed by MRI arthrogram that revealed cam impingement and labral tear. I read those results before the follow-up with my surgeon and started researching. 

I came across The FAI Fix and assumed it was a scam, looking forward to my next appointment with my surgeon.

At that appointment, he briefly discussed the controversy of surgery for FAI, and suggested that it be considered a last resort.

He wrote “The FAI Fix” on a piece of paper and handed it to me, saying it was a great source of information and would be worth a try. He pointed out that though there is a registration fee, the amount was pretty reasonable if the program could make a difference. What an understatement!

Over the past five months, the invoice totals from my physical therapy visits have been shocking. While there is some value in that process, it’s neither as empowering nor as effective as the The FAI Fix has been in just eight weeks.

This program was truly overwhelming in the beginning as I saw how many exercises there are, how time-intensive the work would be, and that I would have to rely on self-evaluation.

Those “challenges” have turned out to be the true blessings of this experience because sticking with it has been a lesson in patience and in what our bodies are capable of if we pay attention and learn what they need.

I’ve been so fortunate to meet a surgeon who supports and even promotes this approach and continues to meet with me WITHOUT scheduling surgery, and am grateful to your team for providing the tools I need.

While I’m still far from where I want to be physically, I now have very little daily pain and much less fear because I have an understanding of how my hip works, why I feel what I do with certain activities, and where to find guidance on what to do next as I continue to progress."

~ Cortney

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero, Chiropractic Physician

⭐ I began your program and realized I had spent my money wisely

I want to sincerely thank you for putting your FAI Fix program together as it has improved the quality of my life drastically.  I hope my story inspires other people with hip pain to order your program and get started on the road to a better life...

As I began your program I immediately realized I had spent my money wisely. Although this work was not always comfortable, I began to have results from DAY 1. Soon after my first session I had a sensation in and around my right hip that I can only describe as “EXHILARATING”. It felt as though my hip was getting fresh oxygenated blood and/or nerve energy to it for the first time in a very long time. It really felt great!! I also had a sense of HOPE that I didn’t have previously.

I know that may sound funny, but I was becoming more and more discouraged because it seemed as though my right hip was literally interfering with my lifestyle...After a round of golf it would be extra sore for several days, squatting down to pick up something on the floor was challenging, and the list goes on...

Anyways, I hope my story inspires others to seriously consider your program as it is inherently simple yet incredibly powerful. Thanks for putting this program together. I truly appreciate it!

~ Richard M., Chiropractic Physican


Shane & Matt

We're Matt and Shane, and we are the creators of the FAI Fix.

We both used to have really bad hip problems. The kind of problems you recognize if you've been told you have femoral acetabular impingement.

We had lots of trouble getting through normal daily life. Walking up and down stairs. In and out of the bathtub. Driving. Walking. Running. Skating. It was all painful and uncomfortable. The aching, the snapping, the popping, and the inability to do the fun things in life made us feel like we were falling to pieces.

With a lot of research, trial and error, and persistence we eventually learned how to beat the pain and unlock our hips naturally and without surgery. 

We started talking about our experiences and thoughts online and discovered there were thousands of people who were suffering the way we had suffered looking for an FAI surgery alternative. 

So we created the FAI Fix to help.

This program is the result of years of hard work and tons of research into academic and medical literature. And we're happy to say that it is helping people all over the world, whether they've had surgery or not.

So don't despair. There is hope.

We’ve been in your situation.

You can get better. 

⭐ You were the only light on a dark path in my life. 


I have been doing the FAI Fix for about 6 weeks. I have seen tremendous improvement. My hip pain is next to nothing!

In this photo I am gardening. Gardening was a big motivator for me to get beyond FAI -- which I feel I have! The best thing seems to be that I don't feel powerless or afraid with pain anymore. Before I felt that all I could do is pop a pain pill and numb out for relief. The doctor said surgery was my only option.

I am so grateful to both of you - for your perseverance in your own healing and then service in sharing what you've learned. I really had no hope before I found the FAI Fix.

You really were the only light for me on a dark path in my life. And now that path has opened up to a whole new world of self-discovery and freedom!

~ Supriya F.




The FAI Fix Basic membership is where your hip recovery starts.

This online program will help if you have:

  • pain in the thigh or groin when squatting
  • pain when lifting your knee toward your chest
  • aching in the butt or hamstrings when sitting
  • pinching or popping in and around the hip joint
  • severely reduced hip mobility in your sport or activity
  • delayed pain after your sport or activity

When you become an FAI Fix Basic member, you get instant online access to:

  • our exclusive online exercise library with detailed written instructions
  • over 60 videos to help you perform every exercise correctly
  • the TSR Troubleshooting Tracker PDF workbook to help you track progress, make principled decisions, and keep pushing your hips to new levels of health

For the same cost as one or two physical therapy appointments and a fraction of the cost of a surgery:

  • you can start healing your hips today
  • you get instant lifetime online access to the FAI Fix Basic




I am a practicing physical therapist, and I was diagnosed with FAI in my left hip in 2013. My MRI arthrogram showed a small posterior labral tear, but no arthritis. Two orthopedists told me that I should have surgery because I have retroverted hips with deep sockets and my acetabulum should be shaved down. This made no sense to me whatsoever because my right hip is shaped the exact same way and I have no pain at all on the right!

Since I have not seen good outcomes with this surgery, I have opted to avoid it. I discovered Matt’s videos on YouTube and I was relieved to finally find a voice of reason amidst the hip arthroscopy craze. I followed his recommendations and changed up my exercises and within just one week, I felt less pain than I have felt in two years! I am running better and sleeping better and on a path to better living!



I am 45 years old, and athletic, as I enjoy competing in mountain bike races and triathlons...Starting about 3 years ago the pain in my left hip began to progress, and my mobility decrease, until I was at the point where I could not tie my left shoe, or cut my left toe nails. I visited an orthopedic surgeon, who gave me a diagnosis of FAI in my left hip, with a torn labrum....[he] told me I will likely need full hip replacement in 10 years...

I purchased the FAI Fix, and began the program...When I started, I could raise my left knee to 90 degrees, and nothing further, as it was blocked at the hip. If I forced the knee higher, it was excruciatingly painful. Now, after about 6 months, I can raise my left knee, unassisted, to about 105 degrees, with no pain...It is arduous work, and I know it will take years, but now my 10 year outlook is increased mobility, not total hip replacement.

Thank you Matt and Shane for your efforts. You have changed my life.




I didn’t squat for over a year because I couldn’t stand getting underneath the bar due to fear of inevitable pain that would follow. Last week, I stepped underneath the bar (after completing my daily FAI Fix protocols for the day) and it went great. No pain. Great form. Felt strong.

I’ve only been working through the program for a month and this has already happened. No doubt I am glad I made the purchase. Thank you guys. It means a lot to a guy who takes so much pride in being a healthy athlete.


⭐ I am 6 weeks into the FAI Fix program and have made more progress than the previous 10 months of physical therapy.

I am a distance runner with right FAI cam type. I am 6 weeks into the FAI fix program and have made more progress than the previous 10 months of physical therapy.

When I was diagnosed with FAI and a labral tear I was hopeful that I would be a surgical candidate in spite of already having mild arthritis in my hip. The surgeon that made the diagnosis is an expert in FAI arthroscopic procedures. He told me that I would be better off doing deep tissue work and strengthening since there was a significant chance the surgery would not resolve all the symptoms.

I have been working with 2 physical therapists, a chiropractor/ART and a personal trainer. While I appreciate the help I have gotten from each one of them, it was one of the therapists who said it best that what I needed was for someone to “put all the pieces together and there just isn’t anyone who does that”.

So thank you guys for “putting it all together” because your plan appears to be working for me.

~ Mary M


Shane is a perfect example of someone with a bad hip and good function

He has femoroacetabular impingement (cam-type), paralabral cysts, and a labral tear.

But Shane has never had surgery and he's able to lift weights, do the splits, and be an all around ninja because of the work he's put into making and keeping his hips healthy.

We show you those strategies - and explain why they work - in the FAI Fix!

⭐ I can tell you I’m already sitting more comfortably at work, and it’s been less than a week!

I want to compliment you guys on the way you’ve put everything together. The FAI Fix is just so well-written, and both the text and the videos are very clear and easy to follow. I like that it explains why certain things work and what to do about each muscle.

It’s just so reassuring to see that other people are in the same boat. There’s a lot in here I’ve done in PT, but also a ton of new stuff. It’s all organized in a way that builds on my PT and gives me the answers I need. With the FAI Fix I can improve my hips on my own time at a tiny fraction of the cost of more PT.

~ Lisa Sherman





If you've gone through physical therapy only to find yourself in more pain, with the same movement limitations, and a heart full of frustration, you're not alone. We have many FAI Fix members like you. 

Here's the reason you ran into frustration: conventional physical therapy puts too much attention on the wrong muscles, and the muscles that really need help get totally ignored!

Because we’ve lived through the problem ourselves and worked hard to get back to high level athletic performance, we know what muscles really need the help, and we also recognize that different people have different needs. 

Cookie cutter approaches for femoroacetabular impingement and hip pain don't work. Passive strategies where the physical therapist does all the massaging or electrostimulation simply don't work. Massage on the butt muscles, short bouts of stretching of the hamstrings, and a ton of emphasis on doing planks and strengthening the quads just don't work.

⭐ I was unable to squat, snatch, clean or jerk, but now am able to complete all of them pain free!

I purchased the FAI Fix program after being diagnosed with FAI. My doctor suggested therapy, and after several expensive months of therapy I found no relief. Not willing to give up I began searching and found one of Matt’s videos online. I purchased the program and began on September 1, 2015. It’s now September 22, and I have seen remarkable changes! I’m a weightlifter and was unable to squat or complete full lifts (snatch, clean and jerk). After three weeks of just about daily sessions, I’m able to complete all the above lifts pain free!

~ Richard


⭐️ Because of Matt, I came to understand it wasn't just a bone issue but an issue of all the important structures around my hip

Greetings from the easterly point in Canada!

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the help that you have given me since being diagnosed with FAI in Oct 2020.

It's because of Matt that I came to understand it wasn't just a bone issue but an issue of all the important structures around my hip. First I tried to strengthen everything, but it wasn't until I started stretching all those important structures with some physio, that I have gone from a level 7 pain down to a 1 and even pain free for most of the day.

ATM - Always Think Muscles - saved me. I can't thank you enough for what you did for me :)

Namaste to you!

~ Tracy R.


Surgery for FAI does not always lead to satisfactory outcomes.

Sometimes the pain relief never materializes. Sometimes there is no improvement in range of motion. Sometimes the downtime required to recover from the surgery itself results in new biomechanical problems.

Unfortunately, if you look at how studies on surgical outcomes for femoroacetabular impingement have been conducted, you clearly see research bias that hides the prevalence of disappointing outcomes.

But that doesn't mean there is no hope.

In the conventional medical theory of femoroacetabular impingement, if a surgery fails, your hip is simply too far gone to improve without more drastic surgical intervention.

We’ve found that it's possible to improve your hips by addressing the muscles, even if surgery fails to deliver a satisfactory result.



Over 20 years of max effort squatting and deadlifting have pushed my joints to the limit and my hips have always been especially problematical. Over the years I have tried everything to manage the pain, including supplements, pain killers, stretching, massage, chiropractic, and various doctors with mixed results, but nothing that provided more than temporary relief. I always seemed to be lifting around my hip pain.

A couple of years ago the pain intensified and squatting and deadlifting any weight became impossible. I was forced to abandon my two favorite exercises! In fact, I ceased all lower body exercise but the pain never left and progressively worsened to the point where I was limping in pain. Finally it became unbearable and I visited my orthopaedist. Following x-rays and an MRI, the diagnosis was a labral tear and FAI. The solution was arthroscopic surgery for my right hip. I was desperate at this point and surgery sounded like my only course of action…six months post-surgery I was still limping on and off and any direct lower body exercise was unthinkable. As I had done many times before I started searching online for a solution…


This resource is hands down the single best investment I have made for my hip health and well-being. There is a wealth of information with specific actions for self-care laid out in an easy to understand language.

If you have been diagnosed with FAI, this program is a must have. But I also think that anyone who is experiencing hip pain could benefit from this information. Using their integrated TSR (Tissue work, Stretching, and Reactivation) system I have seen steady improvements in the condition of my hip. I no longer feel the pain with each step and have stopped limping. My hips have also gotten stronger and more flexible. In fact, for the first time in years I’ve recently added direct lower body work including light squatting and deadlifting – all pain free! I am optimistic that I will continue to progress and am looking forward to a more active lifestyle free from hip pain!

Thank you Matt and Shane!

~ Doug



We believe hip problems are caused by muscle issues rather than bone issues, and recent medical research into FAI supports our idea. 

Our approach deals with muscles that are too tight, too weak, or just plain firing at the wrong time.

The FAI Fix helps you addresses tightness, weakness, and poor coordination in a systematic and principled way so you can adjust to your individual needs.


The theory behind femoroacetabular impingement as a bone problem did not undergo serious scrutiny until the last five years. It will take years for new research knowledge to filter out to medical professionals. In the meantime, you can educate yourself by browsing the long list of studies that critically examine femoral acetabular impingement as a bone problem. You'll see that recent research into the claim that bones cause the hip problems are very clear. Bones are not the problem. 


1) X-ray, MRI, and CT scan identification of hip impingement means nothing. 

In study after study, there has been no relationship shown between having the alleged "FAI morphology" and any symptoms. That means the shape of your bones is NOT the primary problem! This undermines the entire bony theory of FAI.  You can read the full list of studies about FAI and pain here.


2) There is no correlation between range of motion, pain, and hip impingement in an x-ray. 

In an FAI study published in 2011 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a group of researchers took patients with long standing adductor/groin pain and did some range of motion tests and compared with their X-rays. The study looked at 34 athletes with groin pain. 94% of the hips had x-rays that showed FAI.

Only 13% of the  hips tested positive in the anterior hip impingement test.

Conclusion: "There was no relationship with the number of radiological signs. There was no correlation between hip ROM and the number of radiological signs."

This means the X-ray evidence of FAI, range of motion, and pain do NOT have anything to do with each other. The movement tests do not give any valid indication of a bone problem.


3) Hip impingement has never been shown to lead to arthritis.

The original theory of FAI proposed that the bone shapes caused pain and arthritis. Surgery to correct the bone shapes is therefore believed to prevent arthritis. However, the bone shapes have been shown to be unrelated to pain. And, in recent studies, the bone shapes have been shown to be totally unrelated to the development of arthritis! You can find out more about FAI and arthritis here.


4) Finally, research shows that surgery for hip impingement  provides disappointing results and rarely results in full resolution of hip pain.

Even an optimistic paper that claims that hip surgery is "successful" for hip impingement shows that over half of patients are disappointed by the results of their surgery.



You can read this radiologist's summary of all the problems with the current evidence for the current theory of FAI hereThis study published in 2015 on the prevalence of femoroacetabular impingement in a senior age population shows that the bone shapes believed to be the cause of FAI are not related at all to the development of pain and arthritis and are actually just natural anatomical variations that have been incorrectly interpreted to be the cause of pain.

The science is clear. Our experience is clear.

Address the muscles of the hip properly and gradually, and the hips will heal.




Our system helps you understand the root issues specific to you.


Our program explains how to make decisions for your unique needs.



Our program works based on proven principles & strategies. 

The FAI Fix program is based on our TSR System – Tissue work, Stretching, and Reactivation.

This system helps you restore lost movements (like being able to squat into a low chair) and reclaim old abilities (like being able to sit in that chair to enjoy a TV show without your hips aching). The way we teach you to sequence the exercises and progress to harder exercises is the key to getting your life back.  

It doesn't matter how bad your hip mobility issues are, or matter how old you are, or how painful your hips are. We've included progressions and regressions to make sure you can find something to do that will gradually make it possible to do the next more challenging thing. As your mobility improves, you'll progressively be able to do more and more complex exercises.

The nonsurgical solution for FAI developed by people who have suffered severe hip pain, popping, snapping, and immobility - and beaten it


⭐ This time last year I would not have believed I could enjoy a fraction of what I have achieved in two months

I had a diagnosis of FAI from a sports clinic that treats professional athletes and from my doctor, on the basis of X-ray and MRI results. I naively followed your “quackery” to the letter, doing tissue work, stretching, and activation 6-7 times a week...

...My journey down the FAI Fix garden path eliminated all my FAI symptoms in two months. I am now working on strength, conditioning, loaded stretching, and plan to return to parkour.

This time last year I would not have believed I could enjoy a fraction of what I have achieved in two months of focused, almost daily application of the principles you expostulate and the exercises you prescribe...

Yes, the FAI Fix works, and if you go about it consistently and intelligently, it will work wonders.

~ Alexander Garber



  • identify your key functional limitations so you can focus on the RIGHT muscles
  • strengthen weak muscles that result in poor movement patterns
  • improve the coordination of muscles that influence the hip joint
  • increase your flexibility so you have the ability to move your hip joints properly
  • restore the ability to rotate your hip joint
  • reawaken muscles that have been squashed to sleep by years of sitting in chairs
  • relearn how to properly perform simple activities like walking, running, and going upstairs
Video Thumbnail


  • short so you don't waste time waiting for the information you need
  • clear so you know how to do every exercise correctly
  • made with regressions and progressions in mind so you never feel like you're out of your league


  • create routines personalized to your needs
  • get started with clear warm-up routines and exercises that will build your hips in the long run 
  • stay focused with a simple layout for distraction-free workouts
FAI FIX 3D Cover


  • Lacrosse ball and/or softball and/or foam roller (make sure you have at least one!)
  • Balance pad or a pillow/cushion for your knees for stretches on the floor
  • One orange exercise bands from Serious Steel (or equivalent light resistance bands)
  • 1 pair of ankle weights (5 lbs.)
  • Exercise mini bands 
  • Light dumbbells or weights (kettlebells, plates, buckets of paint or other household objects). You will want to have 5 pounds and 10 pounds at a bare minimum and more as you look to gain more strength and mobility.
  • A wall
  • A chair

Optional tools

  • Padded exercise mat
  • Step risers 
  • Body Back Buddy
  • You can find links for all these on our page of recommended products.


⭐ I felt no pain in my right hip, after just 3 days of work!

I am a 19-year-old soccer player who played his whole youth at German first Division Team (Eintracht Frankfurt) and also played for all German Youth National teams. My problems with FAI started when I was just 16 years old! My pain went away, but I always felt not really comfortable with my hips. In March 2015 the situation was so bad I had to stop playing soccer and was not able to live my normal life!

I went to hundreds of doctors, specialists and stuff all around in Germany, but then I saw Shane's and Matt's YouTube channels and realized they really know what they're talking about. The first 3 days using the FAI Fix program were incredible. I felt NO PAIN in my right hip anymore, after just 3 days of work! Then I did too much and some things too fast, and I felt bad again. But little by little I got to know my body more and recovered.

The program is very easy to understand, well structured and effective. The best thing is I realized what was "wrong" with my body all the years, and now I know where I have to work exactly...

It's February now and I'm able to jog again! I'm still far away from perfect, but the best feeling for me is to be pain free! Soon I will continue with the FAI Fix for Athletes program to keep my hips healthy, while starting soccer again.

So for everybody out there who is in pain and may want to give up and accept the situation, please do not! You will get to know your body in a way you never ever thought about, if you start this program and be patient and considerate about what your body is telling you!

Best wishes, everyone!

~ Yannick Wolf





Hip pain can be complicated. We've tried to create a program that helps you fix yourself - no matter what your circumstances. 

But we know that our program won't work 100% of the time.

And we don't want you to feel like you wasted your money if it doesn't.

If you see no improvement at all in 60 days, just email us, and we will give you your money back so you can find help that's tailored to your needs.