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When every doctor and physical therapist tells you that your bone shapes are the cause of your hip pain and only surgery can fix you, choosing surgery seems like the only rational answer. Thousands of "experts" cannot be wrong, can they? 

In brief summary, if the orthopedic surgical perspective on hip impingement is correct we should see three clear pieces of evidence:

1. Cam and pincer "defects" shown in an X-ray or MRI should show a strong causal relationship to pain, mobility problems, and the oft-cited arthritis. If a strong relationship isn't evident in the young, older people with the bone "defects" should show increasing prevalence and intensity of problems as they age.

2. There should be some valid tests that can demonstrate a bone "defect" that corroborates what is seen in X-rays and MRIs.

3. Surgeries to fix the bone "defects" should fix the pain and mobility issues reliably with high patient satisfaction rates and return to fully normal hip function.

The Orthopedic Perspective on Hip Impingement Hip Pain Fails to Deliver

In these videos, you'll see the plain evidence that the bone-based theory of hip impingement presents NONE of these three minimal pieces of evidence.

Hip Impingement Bone Shapes Don't Correlate to Hip Pain or Mobility Problems in the Young or Old. 

Labral Tears Don't Correlate to Hip Pain Either.

Hip Impingement Tests Are Invalid and Worse Than Useless.

The Hip Impingement Diagnostic Process is Hopelessly Broken Even If You Add Injections to the Mix.

Surgery for FAI has LOW satisfaction rates.

But some will argue that surgery is better than physical therapy! 

These videos explain how doctors and physical therapists can say this in good faith.

Poorly summarized studies easily hide the  bad results for surgery. Few doctors or PTs take the time to analyze the physical therapy protocols being compared to surgery.

In summary, both surgery and bad physical therapy deliver bad results. Abstracts downplay the poor results and emphasize that surgery is "better" (i.e. LESS bad). 

Finally, a video to help you understand the bigger picture and simple ways to help yourself.

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