Lisa Sherman

I can tell you I’m already sitting more comfortably at work and it’s been less than a week!

I want to compliment you guys on the way you’ve put everything together.  The FAI Fix is just so well-written, and both the text and the videos are very clear and easy to follow. I like that it explains why certain things work and what to do about each muscle.

It’s just so reassuring to see that other people are in the same boat. There’s a lot in here I’ve done in PT but also a ton of new stuff.  It’s all organized in a way that builds on my PT and gives me the answers I need.  With the FAI Fix I can improve my hips on my own time at a tiny fraction of the cost of more PT.


img_0749Update December 2016:

I used to do the yoga pigeon pose before my hip pain and surgery, but after surgery I had very little external rotation and couldn’t imagine sitting Indian style ever again or doing a butterfly – let alone a pigeon. It took almost a year to be able to do a figure 4 stretch at PT!

FAI Fix turned things around because it gave me the ideas that 1) Pigeon is key to getting glutes stretched/can’t ignore it 2) 90 degree angle is key 3) Start on a table if you can’t do it on the floor.

So I went with it on a table and slowly but surely (I can’t remember how long) my muscles released and now I can do it way better than before surgery, and it’s helped relieve pain. And, yes, I can do both sides!


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