Skye D.

When I found out that I had FAI and was given surgery as my only option to fix my hips, I looked for an alternative. I found the FAI Fix. After following the program for about two to three weeks, my hip mobility increased while my crunchy hip pain steadily went down.

The FAI Fix program really opened my eyes to how important strengthening the muscles around the hip joint is, specifically the glutes! Strengthening the glutes has been every bit magical for minimizing my hip pain.

My problems were the classic pinching feeling on the front of my hips when I flexed. It hurt to stretch in a pike position, and I couldn’t sit comfortably in yoga child’s pose with my knees together without a lot of pain. I was told that I needed surgery. The doctor told me that it wasn’t an immediate need, but that it was inevitable as the pain would only get worse and inhibit me from doing all the wonderful active things that I wanted to do.

My hips are holding up pretty well, and we’re 8 months since I was told everything was just going to get worse and that I’d need surgery. Now I can sit in a pike stretch comfortably and even child’s pose with knees together. I no longer have pinching in my left hip during flexion. I get slight pinching in the right, but the pain is far less than what it used to be. It is fantastic. I still can get discomfort, but it’s not anything that really deters my activity level. Because of less hip pain, I have been able to focus better on my flexibility and have definitely seen a wonderful increase in it. I just need to do things to maintain my hip health!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Skye D. – Pole Dancer
Instagram: @skyepearls


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