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I have cam and/or pincer impingement, labral tears, cysts, chondral damage, arthritis, loose bodies, and/or have been told that surgery is the only possible way to correct my issues. Can this help me?

Just because you have a scary sounding diagnosis does not mean you cannot improve things drastically! We have had many, many people with cam and/or pincer impingement as well as labral tears and similarly awful sounding issues use this program with success.

In fact, Shane is a perfect example of someone with a hip that is in bad shape from the conventional medical perspective. He has cam impingement, paralabral cysts, and a labral tear. He’s totally fine and more mobile than 99% of men on Earth.

While all these medical diagnoses are often blamed as the cause for pain, these issues are commonly found in people with no pain. A lot of recent research indicates that these diagnoses have little to no relationship with pain or movement problems. For that reason (and many others), we encourage people to focus on dealing with the muscles and with restoring good movement patterns to reduce pain and discomfort.

Here is an example of an FAI Fixer who was told only surgery would help his FAI.

Here is another FAI Fixer who was told surgery was his only option for his hip problems.

And here’s another example of an FAI Fixer making progress!

I have been told that my bone shapes will lead to arthritis, so I have to get this fixed. How can this help?

While this is commonly proposed as a reason to get surgery, recent studies actually show that this is not a good reason. In long term studies, FAI bone shapes do not appear to have any correlation to pain or the development of arthritis! Early researchers who first identified FAI bone shapes as possible causes of hip pain believed that the bone shapes would be related to arthritis, but so far no good long term studies with large sample sizes have demonstrated that to be true!

Is it okay to try the FAI Fix even after failed surgery?

We have had many customers use the FAI Fix after surgery failed to deliver satisfactory results. It’s important that you be patient and careful as you go through the program. Surgery can affect your joint motion in ways we can’t possibly know or predict, so you’ll just need to be mindful as you try different exercises. Just make sure you never push through sharp pain, and if an exercise makes things obviously worse, move on to a different exercise or approach!

How long does it take to feel results?

We wish we could give you just a simple answer with a simple number. But the real answer is: it depends. Some people notice problems earlier than others and it takes less retraining of the muscles, especially if they have a lot of time to devote to the exercises.

On the other end of the spectrum, some of you are in a significant amount of pain and you’ve been dealing with hip and back issues for a very long time. For you, it’s going to take longer, even if you stay consistent with your exercises. On average, within a month to a few months, most of our FAI Fixers really start noticing a positive change in their hips, lower back, and a decrease in the pain associated with those areas. It’s a process, and for some people it may take several years to fully get back to 100%. Bottom line: if you are in pain, now is the time to do something about it.

I’m very flexible. Stretching or massaging doesn’t seem to help me. Is this program right for me?

For some people, hip problems seem to stem from being too flexible. If that sounds like you, the FAI Fix Basic can still help. You’ll want to look at Common Scenario 2 in the Troubleshooting Tracker as it is designed with hyper-flexibility in mind.

What is your refund policy / satisfaction guarantee?

In general, if you are following the program carefully and doing everything we ask in the way we ask and with the tools we recommend, you should see positive developments within the first month. You just need to read and follow the program carefully. If you have questions about something, just email us. We'll see if there's anything we can do to help you personally via email.

If we’ve tried to troubleshoot for you via email and you still see no improvement at all after 60 days, we will give you your money back. All you need to do is email us.

We want you to get better. Period. If our program doesn't work for you for some reason, we want you to spend your money on a different approach to help heal your hips.

Please note that we get a large volume of emails. We answer as quickly as we can! Due to time and practical considerations, we do not offer telephone consultations of any kind. If you have purchased the program and feel you need more personalized guidance, please email us, and we will offer whatever guidance we can. If the situation is too complex handle via email, we may be able to offer Skype sessions for a fee.

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