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Levi E.

When I was 23, I started developing hip pain shortly after beginning my first corporate job. I’ve always been extremely active, particularly focused on weight lifting. Fairly rapidly, I couldn’t walk without pain. I started going to doctors, specialists, bone experts, and had countless X-ray’s done and even 2 MRI’s but none of the doctors could help me. The doctors would offer pain relief through heavy anti inflammatory drugs or cortisone shots, but the pain always came back with a vengeance. They always recommended surgery but said they couldn’t know the exact issue (or even if there really was one) until they’d cut me open!

I tried several things on my own. I altered my diet to be more anti inflammatory and consumed copious amounts of fish oil because one doctor misdiagnosed me with gout. I visited physical therapists which often only made the pain worse. Through all of the doctors and consultations I believe I paid around $3000 out of pocket to doctors and nothing helped.

Through the years of pain, I continued working out and even completed a triathlon but was always having to work around the pain and couldn’t live the life I wanted to. Working out and being active was such a big part of who I was and my hip pain was taking this part of my identity from me. I couldn’t believe I was 25 and having to make compromises on if I could go hiking or not because of the severity of pain.

After 3+ years of this pain, and stumbling online trying to find any relief, I eventually found the FAI Fix. I thought it was too good to be true, so I suffered another grueling year of pain. It was to the point where it was all I could think about everyday. I couldn’t complete basic tasks without that nagging pain and I was becoming a different grumpy person. Eventually I talked to a bone surgeon who said the shaving of my hip was the only option to relief. The day before I was about to book the surgery I thought if I don’t try everything I can before this surgery I’ll regret it so I gave myself a month timeline to try the FAI Fix and if I wasn’t feeling better then I was going to do the surgery. After the first week I noticed more range of motion and less pain. After two weeks I was able to take my dog on walks again. After the month ended I was beginning to be able to jog again. I then postponed the surgery indefinitely and after 4 months of religiously following the program I was able to begin deadlifting and squatting again. I cannot express how happy and joyful I am to lift weights again because that was and now is again such a big part of my life. I’m a happier and more optimistic person because I’m living without daily pain. I still do my exercises daily and it’s not perfect, but it’s much better. There are still days where it feels painful and I still don’t have the range of motion I used to, but I hope as I keep doing the program it’ll continue to get better!

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Michael M.

My testimony is not going to be very original and pretty much in line with other cases, but after years of struggles, I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel so I wanted to thank you.

I started to experience left knee pain early 2016 after running on uneven terrain mountain. The diagnosis was the very generic “runner’s knee syndrome” since I could run 20min before the pain would start and then the IT band was rubbing on the outside part of the knee causing more friction and pain.

Physical Therapy, shots, massages have been tried => nothing worked. You could see bursitis during MRI. A knee specialist proposed to do plasma injection. I declined and moved on to other sports not as painful as running.

I’d thought “now I have to live with my runner’s knee…nothing can be done.”  But it’s OK I’m playing other sports I can manage since I’m still active. That was until the end of 2018 when I started to feel inner thigh pain, in the other leg this time! Very tender and I had a huge lack of mobility. It would go away when my body was warmed up and playing tennis or badminton but very painful when cold after sports. It kept worsening and after countless doctor appointments the verdict was: “you have a labral tear, also called FAI or hip impingement since your bones are rubbing against each other”.

1st treatment was PT, which I did for 6 months with the 3 best PT of my city. Results => zero improvement but less money in my wallet. Also having to suffer a couple times a week from dry needling my adductor/pectineus area will be something I remember!

2nd treatment: sport massages, chiropractor and acupuncture.
Results => zero improvement but even less money in my wallet.

3rd treatment: cortisone shot. The sports doctor who found my FAI diagnosis told me: “one or 2 shots and in a week you’ll run again like before”. Results => zero improvement, huge disappointment and no more money in my wallet.

I’m a foreigner, so I even went abroad to my home country to have a second opinion, similar recommendations (plus some doctors said that’s it’s only the beginning and I’m going to have arthritis soon…(thanks dude!)

My last chance was to do a surgery so the surgeon would “shave a bit of my bones so they don’t rub on each other anymore”.I asked for advice from the 3 PT’s I saw before and they confirmed the surgery was my best option now.

I reached the point I couldn’t cross my right leg over my left leg…putting on my socks or shoes was very painful.

I’m not yet 40y old, have been doing sports since I was 5 (martial arts, racket sports, marathon running, etc. I was the guy doing 10+ hours of sport every week BUT never stretched or ever saw a foam roller in my life). I was miserable not to be able to do anything.

Shaving my bones didn’t sound appealing for me (plus the cost and the recovery process and even more PT etc,) so I did more research and it just didn’t feel right. I felt my body was messed up but shaving the bones wouldn’t help. After more research I started to find some of Shane and Matt’s videos online, read some comments and reviews and that was the beginning of my resurrection!

I enrolled in the FAI Fix program and followed it exactly. It was tough! This program is no joke! I was waking up 1:30mins earlier to do it every single day. After 2 weeks I started to see very small improvements…was I dreaming ? Maybe not…so let’s keep doing tissue work, stretching, & strengthening. A couple of months after I could walk and live with less pain, and few more months of the program I realized how my much my mobility improved!

I also started yoga and slowly, went back to higher intensity exercises. 10min running, rowing and so on. Slowly increasing the intensity. After 6 months I was back on tennis courts…a bit nervous but no pain. This method works! Amazing.

So I then went for the “Runner’s Knee program” on Got ROM, to see if the “magic” would work for my IT Band syndrome. The program is actually a bit similar to the FAI Fix but with less “self-tests” (I’m happy I knew the methodology from FAI Fix first so I could use a similar testing approach for the other Got ROM program.)

Now, my left knee is better as well! I can now play tennis again, run around an hour without pain. When I look back a year ago putting shoes on was very hard. I’ve come a long way and so glad I didn’t do the surgery and found Matt and Shane’s materials.

This experience allowed me to realize few things:

  • I now have tons of stuff at home! Foam roller, lacrosse ball, resistance band and so on
  • Doctors actually don’t know a lot about the human body. Even sports specialist/knee or hip experts. When I see all other people experiencing the same as me online I’m confused how come only you guys figured it out?!
  • The human body is an amazing machine and when you understand how things are connected and work together, you realize what needs to be done to improve some conditions.

Sorry for the long email, and as I told you at the beginning it is not very original, but I wanted to take some time to share this with you. Big thanks to Got ROM / FAI Fix crew!

You guys are awesome and changed me!

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Megan B.

My journey with the FAI fix began in February 2017. My hips started giving me issues in 2016. By the end of that year, my right hip locked up and never let go, and my left hip eventually joined. I started digging online for help. I’m so grateful I found Matt and Shane. Although I never saw a doctor for a diagnosis, I tested positive for all FAI self-tests. The beginning was hard – it was a lot of self-teaching, and it was painful! I just wanted to lift again to pursue my bodybuilding career. My FAI journey wasn’t flawless; the one thing that got me to where I am now is the fact that I didn’t quit. It took 9 months to reach pain-free, but those 9 months were worth every single second. Fast forward 2 more years, and I’m still practicing the FAI Fix. I’m still learning about my body, my mobility, and ways to make it better. But thanks to Shane and Matt, I’m now an oly lifter that can put a bar over my head that weighs more than I do and squat it 5 times without a single pinch in my hips.

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Willow B.

I just wanted to send a note thanking you guys for this course. I struggled with daily hip pain for the past 4 years. I am a wildlife habitat biologist and spend a lot of time in the field and in my personal life am also very active and do a lot of outdoor activities. I kept doing them anyways, but it hurt to hike…. which is essential for my job and many of my hobbies like hunting. After navigating the medical system and spending a lot of time and money, I was told I had FAI and my options were to continue doing what I was doing (yoga, massage, chiro) or surgery. My chiropractor discouraged me from surgery because she said it wasn’t very successful. Also it didn’t make sense to me that I had lived life for a long time with the same bones but previously had no pain. I did more yoga, but my husband told me he thought it made things worse. Yoga teaches you that negative emotions are stored in your hips – the cure – more hip openers. I then started having knee issues and I kept pulling my groin. One day my son said “mom, I can’t tell if you’re angry or not”. It broke my heart. I wasn’t angry, I was hurting. I didn’t want my husband to touch me sometimes because it put resistance on my body which pinched my hips.

I then got pregnant with my second son and started searching again for something to help my manage the hip pain. I found the FAI fix. I figured that it took me years to get where I was and that it would probably take me a few years to get back out. I was having slow success with the FAI fix. What I found reassuring about it was that I received immediate relief from pain after doing the exercises. I found consistent weakness and tightness differences in the two sides of my body. I discovered why I started having knee and groin pain. I then had a relapse because I had to take a break after having a c-section for my baby. At first I didn’t have pain during my walks but soon, the pain was worse than ever. I kept walking anyways because I felt it was important to recover from the c-section. Eventually I began the FAI fix again but soon started to plateau. I was hopeful…. but I was getting bored. I think the boredom resulted in me rushing through the exercises which compromised the results.

Along came Live and I signed up immediately. Within the first 4 classes I learned more about proper functional body movement than in all of the yoga, crossfit, etc. classes I had taken. I started having whole days where I didn’t have pain. I felt engaged in the classes and really interested. Again, I always felt immediate relief after doing the exercises. I began to understand how I could incorporate the lessons I’ve learned into my yoga practice so that I could still practice yoga.

I just went on a mama – baby yoga retreat. I was nervous as I had booked it prior to really understanding why yoga had caused me issues. Amazingly, the teachers taught many of the same cues and principles as Upright Health does. I was gone for almost 2 weeks with my 2 children without my husband. I ran with my older son, packed my baby and luggage around, walked countless steps in airports, swam in the ocean, and did a week of yoga…. with no pain.

While I know that it is the resources that you all provided that made this possible, the most empowering thing of all is that every time I walk and feel how functional and strong my hips, core, and pelvis are, I think – I fixed myself. That’s truly a gift. And life without pain has truly increased my capacity as a human being in so many ways. When I started FAI Fix, I read to “set a really high goal”. I wanted to be able to run again without pain. I chased after my older son the other day with no pain. It was absolutely glorious and that boy was purely gleaming.

Keep doing what you’re doing. It is much appreciated.

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Karen A.

I am a 55-year old very active personal trainer and orthopedic exercise specialist. I have enjoyed challenging athletic activities for over 40 years as a competitive cyclist and runner. I also enjoy weight training, skiing, hiking, etc. A year ago, I developed hip impingement which has caused a lot of pain. X-rays and an MRI revealed a torn labrum, cyst, and a structural abnormality but good bone health and minimal arthritis. Over the past year I have seen doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and a chiropractor with no improvement. I ended up a month ago at a visit with an orthopedic surgeon with whom I reluctantly scheduled surgery for January 2020. I was told that I was out of options.

The night I scheduled my surgery I could not sleep at all because surgery just did not feel right at all to me. I have worked with a lot of people that have experienced pain and was troubled that I could not seem to help myself. I started doing some research and found Upright Health. Your philosophy really made a lot of sense to me. I have been doing tissue work and stretching for years and actually already owned most of the tools you recommend. Where I went wrong with myself was taking a “half hearted” approach to my hip therapy. Anyway, the next morning I purchased the FAI Fix program and was determined to dedicate a significant amount of time to see if it could help me.

Over the the last 30 days, I have completed the All in One hip program 12 times over 2 weeks (it took 55 min each time) and am now doing a 30-min custom routine targeting my specific problem areas 5 times per week. I am happy to report that I have noticed a significant improvement in my impingement. The pinching pain and deep throbbing ache is gone! I still have some discomfort and weakness in the hip during physical activity but expect that will improve over the coming months as I continue with the FAI fix program. I plan to reassess and modify my hip program as I go along.

Thank you for all the helpful information and motivation!

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Rafael M.

In 2016, I was having lower right back pain. After numerous visits to the back doctor, we discovered that it was not my back but my hips.

In 2017, I went to see a renowned hip specialist in NY and he informed me that I had labrum tears in both hips. He was honest and said there was an 80 percent chance arthroscopic surgery would fix my lower back issue. I said no, let’s do PT and etc.

After several months, there were no big improvements. So I said, ok let’s do the effin surgery, I mean Arod (Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees) had the same thing – WHY NOT??

In November 2017, two weeks before the surgery, I was diagnosed with heart disease and eventually had to have a bypass. Yup, never mind about the hip! I had to attend to the heart. It was awful, but it saved my life and I feel like a teenager again. I will spare you the details…

Anyways, back to the hips. I was skeptical and distrustful of the program you offered, but I said, what the hell.

Six months later, I thank baby Jesus I tried the FAI Fix.

“Ass cheek activation, what is that?” I thought, but it worked.

Bridges, worked. Core, worked. Weird stretching, worked. Tissue work (with my thumbs), worked. Romanian deadlifts?? Worked.

I’m transformed! I still have some discomfort, but I’m only six months in and know for a fact I don’t need surgery!

Matt said “pain sucks. life shouldn’t.” Well, he’s right. I don’t care that you guys are making a killing at this, it saved me and I’m grateful. Thanks again.

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Maureen L.

I actually don’t think I need much guidance at the moment…I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU.

I had chronic hip pain for years before having bilateral hip arthroscopy in 2011, which did very little at all. After having my first kid in 2015 I went back to the orthopedist who ordered and MRI and said there was a lot of damage in my hips (labral tears, cartilage thinning, bone hardening, etc.) and sent me off to do physical therapy which was not effective whatsoever. Since my second kid was born in 2016 I’ve basically been an absolute mess. Nearly everything I did would throw my back out (sometimes even coughing or sneezing!) and I felt like I didn’t have the strength to live my own life! Out of desperation I went back to the orthopedist again and he recommended cortisone shots, another MRI and, pending those results, a conversation about replacement.

This was totally unacceptable to me so I started my own research and first found the Upright Health videos then the FAI Fix. It’s been a month and I’ve seen DRAMATIC change. My hips are still soooooo tight but slowly but surely they’re getting better and I’m starting to feel strong enough to play with my kids, lift them up when I need to, carry groceries without feeling like I have to hobble around for weeks after! So thank you , thank you. I’m starting to really dial in on what muscles are the most problematic for me and when I need more info there always seems to be an Upright Health video to teach me exactly what I need. So really I can’t thank you enough. I’ll be in touch if and when I do need more guidance!

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Hi FAI Fix team,

I just want to start by thanking you for putting this program together. I have been doing the work daily for 10 weeks and it has really changed things drastically for me.

I am 31, work as a doctor and live in Australia. I stumbled upon your program while tirelessly researching a solution to my chronic left gluteal pain which was getting so bad it was limiting my ability to work full time. After 6 hours of sitting with patients my left butt was on fire. I felt impaired and had to cut back to part time.

I have always considered myself fit (although always have been VERY inflexible) and am now starting to enjoy running, surfing and hiking again. I just returned from a 2 week skiing holiday which felt so great! I still have a long way to go but I am feeling hopeful for the first time in a very long while.

Thank you.

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cortney hip impingement hikingMy FAI experience began with lower back pain and weakness, and I was treated for that for six weeks with physical therapy (the theory of multiple experts being that carrying twins with a particularly small frame years prior had destroyed my core).

That work was invaluable, because I HAD lost a great deal of core strength and stability along the way. After repeated set-backs, my therapist said this was likely rather a hip issue and I had an X-ray followed by MRI arthrogram that revealed cam impingement and labral tear. I read those results before the follow-up with my surgeon and started researching. I came across The FAI Fix and assumed it was a scam, looking forward to my next appointment with my surgeon.

At that appointment, he briefly discussed the controversy of surgery for FAI, and suggested that it be considered a last resort.

He wrote “The FAI Fix” on a piece of paper and handed it to me, saying it was a great source of information and would be worth a try. He pointed out that though there is a registration fee, the amount was pretty reasonable if the program could make a difference. What an understatement!

Over the past five months, the invoice totals from my physical therapy visits have been shocking. While there is some value in that process, it’s neither as empowering nor as effective as the The FAI Fix has been in just eight weeks.

This program was truly overwhelming in the beginning as I saw how many exercises there are, how time-intensive the work would be, and that I would have to rely on self-evaluation.

Those “challenges” have turned out to be the true blessings of this experience because sticking with it and has been a lesson in patience and in what our bodies are capable of if we pay attention and learn what they need.

I’ve been so fortunate to meet a surgeon who supports and even promotes this approach and continues to meet with me WITHOUT scheduling surgery, and am grateful to your team for providing the tools I need.

While I’m still far from where I want to be physically, I now have very little daily pain and much less fear because I have an understanding of how my hip works, why I feel what I do with certain activities, and where to find guidance on what to do next as I continue to progress.

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Here is my FAI Fix hip story. I started training in ballet when I was three years old, and I continued on until I was 17 very seriously in pre-professional (and one professional) companies. After that I only took a few classes here or there, but most of my adolescence was spent doing 10-20 hours of ballet per week.

I had always struggled immensely with flexibility. It took me many years of hard work to achieve the splits, which is really the bare minimum of flexibility required in ballet.  It was always so frustrating how little I progressed compared to my peers. I also struggled with turns (I think I’ve finally put together an explanation for this which I’ll mention later).

When I was 23, my fiance and I were preparing our “wedding” bodies and started doing P90X workouts regularly. We obtained our goals and became strong and durable. I’ve never been successful, or frankly, that interested in running, but during this period of confidence I hopped on a treadmill and somehow managed a six-mile run. I felt horribly hungover with fatigue that evening, and in the middle of the night I woke up screaming with intense pain in my left hip. My intuitive response at this point was to protect the area in pain with rest, ice, and pain medication.

The pain only got worse. My mobility had tanked and my pain was unbearable. While I was a dancer I noticed a lot of popping in my hips as well as the tightness/inflexibility that I had mentioned, and I had always sort of thought “some day my hips are going to be a problem for me.” Now that they were, I decided to track down the sports medicine doctor that treated a local professional ballet company. I assumed my long run was just the tipping point to years of hip abuse in dance.

The sports medicine doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who sent me to get an MRI, and then diagnosed me with femoroacetabular impingement, and a good amount of labral tears. I was offered a handicap tag to take with us on our honeymoon to Disney World (we cancelled and delayed our trip a year! Who wants to be pushed in a wheelchair by their husband on their honeymoon?).

As pain and mobility issues increased, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. My impinged bone was shaved and my tears were repaired. I woke up out of surgery and felt immediate relief! It was a miracle surgery! I then proceeded through all of my physical therapy and got stronger and back to normal.

Fast forward two kids and about seven years later, and my husband and I started doing some training again for a couples trip to the Bahamas! I was working hard doing various at-home workouts, really focusing on my legs with lots of squats and lunges, etc. Lots of progress and confidence, and then one day I started getting that familiar aching and throbbing pain in my glute on the right side. Oh boy, time for my right hip “to go”, I thought.  Ballet requires very symmetrical training, so I could only assume that if I needed surgery on my left hip that my right was probably coming.

I slowed down on my training, but the pain did not subside. We made it on our trip, but afterwards I started going downhill. The glute throbbing became accompanied with that torn feeling on the inside of my hip. I knew exactly what to do: call up my surgeon, order the MRI, and get it fixed.

Sure enough, there were impingements and tears from every angle. As I instinctively tried to protect the area, the last thing in the world I would do was stretch it. I kept my legs crossed or laying down, and the more I rested the more I hurt. I was almost in tears going to church one day to a picnic where I could barely walk at all. But I had surgery scheduled.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. At some point while waiting for my surgery, my left hip started going into the same pain! And I started going downhill on BOTH HIPS!  On a Sunday night, my husband left for a weeklong trip to Singapore, and I laid in bed perplexed. How on Earth was I going to take care of my two young children for a week with no help.  I could barely walk, it hurt to drive, and to top it off we were having a house remodel!

I guess you could say I was desperate and hit rock bottom, but surgery was over a month out, and that was only for one side! How would I recover with the other one hurting (and still, with two young kids!)  Also, at 31, is this really going to be my life? Am I going to need hip repairs on both sides every seven years? How long would I last? Am I going to have hip replacements at 40? My life is over!  Why did I love ballet so much? What do I do?

So, I hit the internet and found the FAI Fix program that night. I read through the site and some reviews, and bought it quite impulsively. I thought this was definitely worth a try even if it didn’t work. I did all of the self tests that night. I was pretty terrified to be STRETCHING muscles that had “lots of tears”, but I really didn’t think I could get worse, so I did it.

I almost immediately had pain RELIEF in doing the self tests. I took all of the notes that I was supposed to, took a deep breath, and went to bed praying I could get out of bed in the morning. I had less pain that night and woke up more mobile than I had been in weeks. INSANE. So of course I got to it! I followed all of the guidance of the program and picked two areas to work on. I did about 45-60 minutes of “hip work” every. single. day for a good few weeks.

When my husband returned from his weeklong trip, I appeared normal again! I was walking around and doing things with very little pain, and normal activity and mobility was completely restored. I did still have pain, so those first few weeks I was especially diligent about icing my hips after every session.

At this point I had to decide what to do about my scheduled surgery. I decided to get another opinion. I have a friend who is a sports med DO (should have seen her first) for a major college in Colorado. She ran all the scans and found my impingements, on the front of one hip, and in the back of the other. She also found my entire spine was slightly angled, so essentially my entire core was in a bit of a corkscrew. She felt confident that because of my success so far with FAI Fix and my ability to receive training as a former dancer, I should not move forward with surgery, and should continue with physical therapy.

I actually have not yet gone to physical therapy now a few months later. I had to cancel because of a child’s illness and just haven’t found the time, but I have been continuing with the FAI Fix program. I would say I was extremely dedicated for the first two months, and got myself back to “normal”. In the business of life, I’m not currently as dedicated, however on several occasions now I will get that throb in my glute, and I’m able to stretch it out with a targeted stretch. Or, I’ll feel pinching in my inner groin and I’ll stretch it out and do some tissue work, and get relief.

I don’t sit as much in general. I’m standing as I type this and alternating some stretches on each leg. I spend more time on the floor casually doing stretches as I play with my kids. I do hip hinges while a kid is hanging on my back (works really great actually at 40 pounds!). I squeeze my glutes and hams ALL the time. Absolutely as a ballet dancer my quads were overdeveloped in comparison to the backside.

My friend really helped me make sense of my struggles as a dancer, too. The tilted spine explains why turns were difficult; I would tend to fall easily turning towards my curve and had a hard time making the rotations turning against my curve. I feel so much better now about my flexibility issues because it wasn’t ever a flexibility issue (in fact in my table exam my friend told me I’m quite flexible still). It’s the mechanical structure of my hips that was always the issue.

I love how this program has helped me put all of the data together to make sense of how MY body works. I just love how careful all of the videos in FAI Fix are in addressing the very specific dynamics of the muscles and body positioning to retrain your body properly. I also love the new mindset I now have that anywhere there is pain in a muscle, I can actively work to relieve it instead of just lying around in agony popping pills.

I have such a new outlook on how amazing the body is at retraining and self-healing. I will admit part of the reason I’ve slowed down on my “hip work” is because I really like to workout HARD and sometimes it was just feeling like “old lady exercises” after a while. So I am excited to sort of have all of the exercises in my knowledge bank and do them throughout my day, and hopefully progress back into harder workouts. I’ve just purchased the athletes program and have not started it yet, but I am very excited to work myself up to new challenges that are good for my body!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am seriously eternally grateful for this program, and I hope to never have hip surgery again!! I have told so many people with aches and pains to follow Upright Health. You guys are amazing!

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